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Roofs Tour

You’ll visit one or several roofs in a very heart of historical Saint Petersburg and see the city from the birds’ eye view. 

700 р.

; Details

Individual tour on the roofs.

Special offer for those who loves exclusive service and privacy. The best roofs of Saint Petersburg for you.

1200 р.

; Details

Tour to the historic entrances and well-yards

800 р.

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What’s included

Extra pay (optional)


Duration 1 час

Price 1000 р.


Celebrities choose us

Music band
Franz Ferdinand

Music band

Why we are the best

VIP service

We are chosen by celebrities and top Russian companies


All roofs are safe and ready for tours

It’s interesting

Our guides are the best at the history. They tell you a lot of amazing facts about the city.

It’s legal

We have all necessary arrangements for our tours.

It’s useful

We often give free tours and presents.

01Submit your application.

02Wait for the booking confirmation and pay for the tour.

03After payment you’ll have a message with time and meeting point with your guide.

04 Enjoy the tour!

Wear comfortable clothes and non-slip shoes for tours. Please, no heels.

Don’t forget your phone and camera – you have a chance to take wonderful pictures!

In case of bad weather we can change the date and time of your tour.

If you don’t come for the tour, money won’t be returned.

Children under 14 are admitted to tours only when accompanied by adults.

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